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The shortest (still long) version of my story is to read the four exhibits from my lawsuit, then the lawsuit documents. Copied below.

Exhibit 1 - The-Bullet-Proved-the-Cold-Cell-Torture.pdf
Exhibit 2 - TortureGateTimeLine.pdf
Exhibit 3 - Post-TortureGate-Period.pdf
Exhibit 4 - TheExile.pdf
Lawsuit: BardesvBush.pdf
Exhibit A: Exhibit-A.pdf
Objections: Objections-To-R-and-R.pdf
Motion to Reconsider: Motion to Reconsider
A free copy of my book (2017) Unspeakable Pain: UnspeakablePain.pdf

I am writing a new book Unspeakable Pain 2: The Fall of Babylon, Part 2 titled The Exile is here: TheExile.pdf

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