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3/23/2024 - On 3/18/24, the US Supreme Court denied my petition calling for a new Constitution and new government.

The corruption of our government is complete. There is basically no one in charge anymore, the corruption has permeated every level of government. The current situation is untenable. Without serious course correction, our nation is lost. Only God can save the United States now.

All I can do is continue to sue those responsible for destroying our nation. I will be filing Bardes v. Bush 2.0 in short order. The battle to defeat Gog and Magog continues. Babylon must fall.

From the pinnacle of success...

World Trade Center!

...to the depths of despair, falsely accused, thrown in jail in 2006, tortured for three days with frigid air, shot and left to die...

Cold Cell Torture!

...only to run into George W. Bush and the CIA protecting themselves from being prosecuted for their cold cell torture murders...

TortureGate Scandal!

But in 2006 no lawyer could help Bardes, as all torture related lawsuits were instantly dismissed to protect Bush, Cheney, and the CIA from prosecution for torturing to death innocent Muslims with cold cell torture. Two decades of torture lawsuit instant dismissals became known as the TortureGate Corruption Scandal.

Undeterred, Bardes taught himself the law, and his lawsuit at the US Supreme Court in April of 2016 brought an end to the TortureGate Corruption Scandal.

After publishing a book, Unspeakable Pain, about his cold cell torture and subsequent Bush corruption, George W. Bush and the CIA spent three years trying to kill David Bardes. Only for Bardes to survive, publish a new book about the killing spree, then sue his oppressors in federal court.

5/26/2022 – Filed Bardes v. Bush (1:22-cv-290) - On May 26, 2022, after three years of George W. Bush and the CIA trying to kill me, I turned the tables around and sued eight defendants in federal court for the reckless infliction of emotional distress from trying to kill me multiple times. Half of my defendants, including George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, defaulted by choice, unwilling to even answer the damning lawsuit. We are awaiting default judgments. The other half pled with only a standard motion to dismiss, as they are hoping for an out. Only ten pages in length, the lawsuit docket can be found at the federal court's database called PACER, which is open to the public.

Lawsuit: BardesvBush.pdf

Exhibit A - 77 Website Traffic Log Snippets - Exhibit A to the lawsuit contains the website traffic log evidence that ties in Bush, Cheney, the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Trump, Pence, Obama, Biden, and several technology CEO's into George Walker Bush's underground criminal organization. Which grew large by attrition after 9/11 to protect themselves from prosecution and execution for brutal torture and murder of innocent Muslims. My lawsuit has fully exposed this underground criminal organization.

See: Exhibit-A.pdf

10/12/2022 – Magistrate Stephanie K. Bowman issued her Report and Recommendations declaring me insane and my life story a Fantastical Delusion. Therefore, she wrote, my entire lawsuit should be dismissed, and I should be barred from the federal courts as a vexatious litigator. It was obvious Magistrate Stephanie K. Bowman had been influenced. I filed a motion for an extension of time to strongly object to the magistrate’s report. My motion was granted, and I was given a deadline of 12/21/2022 to object.
12/21/2022 - I filed objections along with exhibits proving my story, to refute the twisted magistrate's clain I am insane, my story a Fantastical Delusion.

Objections - Objections-To-R-and-R.pdf

Exhibit 1 - The-Bullet-Proved-the-Cold-Cell-Torture.pdf
Exhibit 2 - TortureGateTimeLine.pdf
Exhibit 3 - Post-TortureGate-Period.pdf
Exhibit 4 - TheExile.pdf

3/6/2023 - Judge Doulgas R. Cole dismissed my complaint claiming Bardes's story has no legal merit and no plausible basis in reality.

Judge Douglas R. Cole wrote David Bardes tells a truly extraordinary story – one that could be ripped from the pages of a political thriller.

And courts do not accept ‘allegations that are sufficiently fantastic to defy reality as we know it.' I was denied even the right to file an amended complaint. The suit was dismissed with prejudice. I was warned of being banished from the Federal Courts as a vexatious litigator.

Clearly George Walker Bush and the CIA succeeded once again in twisting these judges.

But the problem with claiming my life's story never happened, and is just a fantastical delusion, becomes problematic when the evidence of my life's story is solidified in the public record.

But Judge Cole's dismissal, despite the evidence, lays bare sinister intentions and control. That falls directly at the feet of George Walker Bush.

Does the world need any more evidence of complete corruption than this?

Judge Douglas R. Cole's dismissal: JudgeColeDismissal-3-6-2023.pdf

3/21/2023 - The federal judge who dismissed my lawsuit claiming my life's story is a fictional delusion, just got caught plotting corruption with my defendants.

If there was any doubt as to George Walker Bush and the CIA twisting federal judges to dismiss my lawsuits, what happened yesterday proves the suspected corruption as true fact.

Yesterday, 3/20/2023, at 5:04pm ET, someone at the “US Courts” in “Cincinnati, Ohio” (where Judge Cole works) visited “ColdCellTorture.com” first, then “DavidBardes.com” having come from Google.com. Also visiting at the same time, indicating a joint meeting, was Bill Gates, Larry Page, the CIA, and someone in Washington State (perhaps a lawyer of Gates/Microsoft?)

The topic of their secret meeting was obviously me and my websites. Websites that depict my defendants in a grim light. While it is unknown what the purpose of their ex-parte meeting was, the existence of their meeting alone, proves back door underground corruption.

Judge Cole used haughty words to cast my life’s story as having no basis in reality, saying there is no way it could even happen, case dismissed. Not only does the law require this crooked judge be fired, but also prosecuted and imprisoned.

But if Judge Cole, the higher judge, can be so easily bought, logic concludes the magistrate judge, who diagnosed me insane and my story a fantastical delusion, was also compromised. This is money, power, and influence at work at the very top.

The evidence of their clandestine meeting is in the below Motion to Reconsider.

3/24/2023 - Motion to Reconsider with evidence of corrupt judge filed on the docket today.

Here is the Motion-to-Reconsider-Bardes-v-Bush-3-22-2023.pdf

5/30/2023 - Filed my appeal with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals today.

Here is the Appeal-Bardes-v-Bush-5-30-2023.pdf

1/17/2024 - Petition docketed at the US Supreme Court. Calling for a new Constitution and new government. A legal revolution has begun. Includes indirect evidence George W. Bush, the CIA, and a group of technology CEOs rigged the 2020 election. "Babylon" is falling. For the Petition, you can visit supremecourt.gov and search the docket for bardes or here is a copy: Bardes-Bush-Petition-1-17-2024.pdf

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