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From the pinnacle of success…

World Trade Center!

…to the depths of despair, falsely accused, tortured, shot and left to die…

Cold Cell Torture!

…only to run into George W. Bush and the CIA protecting themselves from their torture crimes…

TortureGate Scandal!

Undeterred, Bardes taught himself the law, and his lawsuit at the US Supreme Court brought an end to the Bush “TortureGate Corruption Scandal.” After publishing a book about Bush corruption, George W. Bush and the CIA spent three years trying to kill David Bardes. Only for Bardes to survive, publish a new book about the killing spree, then sue his oppressors in federal court…

Bardes v. Bush (1:22-cv-290) - BardesvBush.pdf - On May 26, 2022, after three years of George W. Bush and the CIA trying to kill me, I turned the tables around and sued eight defendants in federal court for the reckless infliction of emotional distress from trying to kill me multiple times. Half of my defendants, including George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, defaulted by choice, unwilling to even answer the damning lawsuit. We are awaiting default judgments. The other half pled with only a standard motion to dismiss, as they are hoping for an out. Only ten pages in length, the lawsuit docket can be found at the federal court's database called PACER, which is open to the public.
Exhibit A - 77 Website Traffic Log Snippets. - Exhibit-A.pdf - Exhibit A contains the website traffic log evidence that ties in Bush, Cheney, the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Trump, Pence, Obama, Biden, and several technology CEO's into George Walker Bush's underground criminal organization. Which grew large by attrition after 9/11 to protect themselves from prosecution and execution for brutal torture and murder of innocent Muslims. My lawsuit has fully exposed this underground criminal organization.
10/12/2022 – Magistrate Stephanie K. Bowman issued her Report and Recommendations declaring me insane and my life story a Fantastical Delusion. Therefore, she wrote, my entire lawsuit should be dismissed, and I should be barred from the federal courts as a vexatious litigator. It was obvious Magistrate Stephanie K. Bowman had been influenced. I filed a motion for an extension of time to strongly object to the magistrate’s report. My motion was granted, and I was given a deadline of 12/21/2022 to object.
12/21/2022 - I filed objections along with exhibits proving my story, to refute the twisted magistrate's clain I am insane, my story a Fantastical Delusion.

Objections - Objections-To-R-and-R.pdf

Exhibit 1 - The-Bullet-Proved-the-Cold-Cell-Torture.pdf
Exhibit 2 - TortureGateTimeLine.pdf
Exhibit 3 - Post-TortureGate-Period.pdf
Exhibit 4 - TheExile.pdf

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